We prepare
for the circular

Circular Making is a DO TANK
that prepares and guides organizations
for the circular economy.


Core Principles

We design the ecosystem and the material life cycles. We measure the impact of the materials and their management through science-based indicators. Use and management of resources, impact on diversity, impact on society and others.

We manage materials through a system of Circular Passports that allows us to follow over time the traceability and recovery value in each new cycle of use of the product. We work in digital environments that allow us to manage information and commercial transactions of disused materials.

We communicate the achievements and the power of transformation through facts and metrics, to turn them into campaigns, actions and experiences.

We transform facts into a heartfelt story making for the community companies.
We involve clients in our strategy through UX design. We create and communicate content that encourages circular praise, influencing global brands for their transformation and growth.

We select materials that are healthy and safe for the people and the environment. We apply circularity to all instances: manufacturing, reuse, remanufacturing, maintenance, recycling or composting.

Always choosing the most suitable path. We design constructive solutions to allow the recovery of the value of the materials after their use.


We have been working with visionary leaders across different industries and sectors like Retail, Technology, Architecture, Lifestyle. Offering services focused on Consulting, Design, Research & Strategy. With the main goal to help the companies grow through the circular economy.

Get ready for the circular economy.

Communicate your circular achievements honestly.

Build the line of action towards the circularity of your company.

Transform your company towards the circular economy.

Train your team to lead the circular change of your company.*


Circular Making is the union between the creative agency Lateral Thinking and Eco Intelligent Growth, a benchmark company in circular economy, based on the Cradle to Cradle principles.

Lateral Thinking connects brands with people through interactive online and offline experiences, memorable content and design. With a mission to build culturally relevant and sustainable brands, because only when a brands generates culture responsibly, can aspire to become a cult brand.

Eco Intelligent Growth has been collaborating with companies since 2005 in the transition towards innovative, safe and circular business models.

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